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The Failure of the Knowledge Transfer

With any long-running software project, the need to educate others on a block of code, architectural design, or business process will likely occur. These knowledge transfers (or KTs as the cool kids call them) are often needed when a developer or subject matter expert leaves the project (sometimes unexpectedly) or when a project wraps up and is handed off to the client.

The goal is simple - make Person A understand something to the same degree that Person B does. And this sounds appropriate, right? Why wouldn’t you educate the team or client on the inner-workings of a project? There’s nothing wrong with the idea; the problem is, knowledge transfers just don’t work (usually).

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Mentorship at the Founded in Philly Accelerator

There are a few people in my life that have dramatically changed the direction of my career and personal adventures. I don’t think I ever formally called these people ‘mentors,’ but that is exactly what they were. Sometimes they gave me direct feedback and because I asked for it. Other times, they communicated insights because they cared about me and they knew I needed to hear their thoughtful encouragement and observations. These mentors also opened doors and created opportunities for me through their networks and influence, and my life would not be the same without them.

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The UX Design Must Fit the Customer

A positive user experience is the goal of every software design project, but what it means depends on the customer. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all positive UX. An approach which is ideal for one user base can be insulting or bewildering to a different group. The right UX for a product depends on the customer’s business needs, the way the software will be used, and the user base.

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Top 10 Software Projects for Small Financial Companies in 2021

Outside Covid, polarizing elections, economic collapse, and civil war, 2020 was mostly a good year. Now the New Year is with us, at last.

This has always been a period of reflection and planning, that part of each year where you promise yourself to lose weight and become more productive. This not only applies to you and me as humans but also to corporations and companies across the board.

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