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The Failure of the Knowledge Transfer

With any long-running software project, the need to educate others on a block of code, architectural design, or business process will likely occur. These knowledge transfers (or KTs as the cool kids call them) are often needed when a developer or subject matter expert leaves the project (sometimes unexpectedly) or when a project wraps up and is handed off to the client.

The goal is simple - make Person A understand something to the same degree that Person B does. And this sounds appropriate, right? Why wouldn’t you educate the team or client on the inner-workings of a project? There’s nothing wrong with the idea; the problem is, knowledge transfers just don’t work (usually).

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Making Your Software Project Budgets on Target

Getting an accurate budget estimate for a software project isn’t easy. It’s hard to say exactly how long it will take and what it will cost before doing the coding. Poor budget planning often results in unexpected overruns or a need to cut the project back to fit the available funds. In the worst case, a project fails because there isn’t enough money to bring it to completion.

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